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a delicate situation... (20)

14 Name: OP!!UrwAkvFK : 2008-06-25 03:26 ID:vFEVmkeg

it started off fairly well. she wanted to play my ds so i showed her that, then we got some food and watched a movie. after the movie the her boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) txted her and was like "where are you".. i dont think ive said it yet and i think this might be extremely important now: her xbf apparently thinks that im the reason why she broke up with him. we didnt know what to say to the txt because she didnt want to make him jealous or upset any more than he is; so we ignored it. 5 mins later he started calling her. same deal; we just ignored the calls. however, when he called consecutively for the 5th time she said fuck it i'll just answer it.

she answers the phone:
G: hey wats up im driving home from my dads house, i'll be home soon. (they still live together unfortunately)
xbf: you lieing, i saw your car outside of OPs house
g: thats bs, i'll be home soon.

when she got home apparently they had a tiny fight which consisted of him saying "all the right things" that she doesnt wanna hear, (like "i wanna be a better bf" etc.). she reported this to me on msn and assured me it was fine and all sorted out. we were checking movie times for thursday and apparently he saw and now knows about this.

after last night i really have no idea where i stand anymore, and it seems to have occurred to me that if im going to make this friendship prgress further, I might have to wait at least another 2 weeks because its obvious to me now that shes not entirely over him. sigh, maybe i should just try and find another girl?