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2 women, both friends... (6)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-21 21:56 ID:qN7bHOiN

I'm in a funny situation, and although nothing's really happened yet, I'd like to get some advice just in case such a situation occurs.

The other night, when I was out at the club, I ran into two women that I hadn't seen in a while: one was an ex of a friend of mine, and the other her best friend. I was glad to see them and was having fun talking to them and catching up with them. However, at one point, they both separated and mingled apart. I was talking to the first girl's best friend for a bit, and we really hit it off, and she said "Let's get together sometime this week, you're really cool!" and she gave me her number/I got hers. NOICE. (NOTE: earlier in the night, I had given the first girl my number)

Well, then, I went off to dance/talk to some other people I know at the club, when I ran into the first girl (my friend's ex). She was kinda sad-looking, and so, being an empathic guy who was also a good bit drunk, I gave her a big hug and kissed her on the forehead. She then put her head on my shoulder and said "Oh, God, you don't know how good this feels... I've been waiting for a man to hold me in my arms for the past month... (sigh) Why couldn't I have met you instead of your friend?" Sensing danger, I pulled away from her, and playing the drunk card (and taking advantage of them playing one of my favorite songs) I went "WHEEEE YAAAAA I LOVE ME TOO, BABY, ALRIGHTY WELL I'M GOOOOING TO GO DANCE A BIT" and stumbled away.

Well, I dipped out later, but this past weekend, I've talked to the second girl a bit, but my friend's ex has called me twice and asks me to call her as soon as she gets off work tomorrow. Honestly though, I have more interest in her friend, who I have a lot more in common with (not to mention she's prettier, heh heh)... that, and my friend's ex is a little... unstable. So, my main question is: if I get together with her best friend, how do I go about it without stepping on anyone's toes and causing drama? 'Cuz this girl is lonely, neurotic, and it's pretty obvious she likes me already...