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Alone Time Vs Time Together (12)

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-23 15:26 ID:dt0PBGTh

Ok... First of all, don't be discouraged by the any harsh answers you were given in this thread thus far, OP; It's understandable that some people not currently in a relationship would feel put out to see that someone in a relationship is concerned over their loneliness, and we can't begrudge that (I've been there myself, many times)

As a guy who works from morning to early afternoon, dating a girl who only has a some classes in the late morning/early afternoon (thus, to her it's fine to sleep till noon, or stay up until 3-4 AM), it's hard to make someone understand our point of view; In our relationship, it's actually myself that has the hard time, as I want to spend time with her, it's just hard to stay up past midnight when I have to get up for work in the morning;

Now, we've never had any kind of "serious talk" about how often we can spend time together, but in our case, I talk to her every day on the phone, whether we're getting together or not, and I think if you're already committed to each other, it's generally understood between you that there should be no concerns... I'd say it should be the same way in your case, unless there's some past history or evidence of anything he's doing without your knowledge? If not, then I would say he's just trying to vocalize that he needs to relax and get some sleep & sit-down time after work, which is a hard thing to put into words, that's all;