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Terrible When Opportunity Arises... (9)

1 Name: Clueless : 2008-06-27 05:42 ID:omVqvFar

Okay my situation is a bit different then the typical 4-ch love woe. When I like someone, I know how to tell her I like her (I just tell her, "I like you.") and how to ask her out. ("Want to hang out?"

My problem is how to quickly move when unexpected opportunity arises. Here are three cases of things that have happened to me in the past:

Situation 1: I was waiting on the bus stop, listening to my cd player and a car with two girls pass by. For some reason I smile and a few minutes later, they pull up in the parking lot asking if I want a ride. For some reason I thanks!! And then I kicked myself afterward.

Situation 2: Cute girl at the local Best Buy always smiled at me whenever I came in. One day she started asking questions about my life, school, etc. A PERFECT chance to ask her out! I didn't.

Situation 3: Two days ago I was done studying at the local starbucks on my laptop (okay, fooling around on then net...) and got up to go when this HOT girl was at the table with her computer smiling at me. I froze up and kept going....

I mean, I know I'm a shy guy, but when I have to I can make the first move. But when the girl is the one to start it, I'm caught off guard with no control and retreat!

How the frick do I do I solve this problem?! I'm 21 dammit! Since I'm single, I would love to start going into the casual dating scene....ya know where I don't like her at all with no attachments...just dating for the sake of it. But I have to learn to beat this!