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Terrible When Opportunity Arises... (9)

9 Name: Clueless : 2008-07-22 00:08 ID:lAJhSkUW

Yes, you are definitley right! Here's another situation that happened last fall semester. I actually DID take the rise to the opportunity but then overstepped myself.

I was sitting lunch at the lunch area when suddenly this really cute Korean foriegn student initiated a coversation from across the table. I was thinking "Yesssss"

So eventually she had to get to class and I let her know I enjoyed talking to her. And so I asked if she'd like eat lunch together at the same place again sometime. She said sure and told me when she eats there. THEN I guess I got too excited at that small success and without meaning to changed my tone to normal to pick-up voice and asked for her number. She said no, sorry and hurried off.

Idiot! _|¯¯|O