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She's moving. "Going away presents"...yea or nay? (2)

1 Name: formerly known as shy_kun : 2008-07-03 18:16 ID:LzYqb4BE

Yo. My ex is moving away, and she hates it, I just finished screwing up with another girl, and suddenly out of nowhere i get a call from her, tho we havent tlked in months. She says if she werent going away she would want to get back with me, so I was thinking about going away presents as in showersex, a threesome, bathroom sex, and pretty much anything under the sun I could think of. Should. I. Go for it. Thats the question here. Also, any tips from ppl w/ experience will do quite nicely.

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2 Name: 43 : 2008-07-03 22:40 ID:Heaven

-Personally, I HATE people who practice showersex. It's such a waste of water.