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Which matters? (18)

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-07-12 12:24 ID:PROfO0W9

Well, I've been reading what everyone was saying, and it's kind of true when you look from everyones points...Well, I'm a girl who has a musical choice of 'Johnnys'(which is an entertainment agency that hires goodlooking boys and debuts boybands&actors etc.), and I enjoy good looking companions but when it's a choice of a real life crush, it has always been people that other people ask me "W...why?" about ww...
Especially my last crush, it was almost one-sided love in a really weird way, until I abrubtly stopped liking him (though he seemed to start being insterested in me, he just took too long), but all my friends said "But if its you and him...I'd never think! Because he's a little..." (laugh)
So for me, it has always been the character before looks, meanwhile I do fangirl on goodlooking idols (laugh) I'm a little weird person.
But to be honest, as the op, I never had a relationship but it's mostly because I am too ...not confident (laugh) I do not think I am as gorgeous as other girls, (although I am often told otherwise), hence I never take a step, perhaps it is the same reason that men don't take a step either. I don't really get it...

Tl;dr: it didn't make any sense either so its okay XDXDXD