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Help Me Bridge The Gap Between Our Hearts (12)

10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-07-16 23:27 ID:0pXwG743

Hmmm... well the calling thing, I can't help you with since one of my problems with women is that I don't bother calling them at all unless I have a reason too.

( ;^_^) I'm not much of a phone person.

>>6 might be right and that might have been her nice way of turning you down. Of course, we don't know that for sure yet since she told you she would like to see you again.

First, maybe it would be better if you just dated her for a while, with no relationship said. Casual dating can actually be better since there is no really any commitment or seriousness and it's all about having a fun day.

I can help you with date ideas if you want. I just need some info about where you live, etc.