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What's in a hug? (81)

46 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-09-13 06:55 ID:dF3CbfVJ

A very small update and a very big cloud of paranoia.

We haven't seen much of each other since last Friday night and the one-armed hug incident. We've both been busy outside of work and haven't been calling each other and haven't had the opportunity to catch up in the few seconds we have together between the shift changes at work. However, something unexpected happened and since then he's been acting different, and it's worrying me.

We both happen to have accounts on a certain social networking mega-site on which you can post public messages back and forth with friends. We rarely make posts on each others "comment board" as there's really no reason to when we can call or email each other nightly, but his friends occasionally leave him messages that anyone, including me, can read. Just a couple days ago one of his long time female friends (whom I feel threatened by because he's known her longer and talks about her a lot and because she's left flirtatious messages on his comment board) left a message that basically said that she heard that he has a "Girl/Friend" and asked what was "going on." He has logged into said social site since the message was left, but as her page is private, I cannot access it to see if how he replied to her over that message (or any of the others). And it's INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!!!! Arrrrgh.

I've talked with him over the phone since he saw the message, but I haven't actually spent time with him since before he saw it. The fact that this friend "heard" he has a "Girl/Friend" means that some mutual friend between the two of them must have told her that they think he has a girlfriend. This means that someone they both know has either seen us walking together or out to dinner together or at the cinema together, etc. and thought that we were an item. Her brother in law just happens to work at the same place he and I do, so it's possible that he suggested it to her.

Anyway, we made plans tonight to meet for a walk this Saturday night and for a walk Sunday evening. Usually when we make plans to walk at night, we plan to do so after 11PM and he suggest possibly stopping into the 24hour diner at some point. Tonight he repeated numerous times that we would be restricted to only a walk this week as it would be "pretty late" by the time we got out. This week we're actually meeting around 9PM so it's definitely not going to be "too late"; it will actually be earlier than usual.

He suggested that Sunday's walk should be through a densely wooded bike trail on the outskirts of town. He rather dislikes walking through nature-y areas and usually turns the idea down when I suggest it. But he's gungho about doing it this weekend.

Both of these out-of-character suggestions are puzzling me and they both have one thing in common: by avoiding the diner and walking a route that is generally devoid of other people, it is very unlikely that anyone will see us together this weekend.

I can't help but worry that that is his exact intention. And I wish so badly that I could see how he responded to that comment.