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What's in a hug? (81)

57 Name: OP : 2008-09-26 08:49 ID:dF3CbfVJ

Forgive my recent absence. I should have updated right away, and because I didn't I'm afraid my summaries will be a bit stale. We've hugged twice more since the last time I posted, and they're still pretty weak hugs on his end. But they aren't quite as weak as the very first hug he gave me, and it seems that hugging is now a staple in our "good bye ritual," and that makes me quite happy. I'll be gone this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my mother, but we have plans to do things together for the first three weekends in October, so I'll be bouncing right back into the hugs in no time.

Two weeks ago I was afraid that he didn't want to be seen with me and thought that that was why he wanted to avoid eating together in public and why he wanted to walk in an area where very, very few people could possibly see us. When Saturday night came around, he had changed his mind and suggested that we stop somewhere to eat together after all. Unfortunately, by the time we got around to that, every place in town was closing its doors, even the all-night place. He ended up trying to get into every place in town before giving up. So, he obviously wasn't afraid of us being "caught" dining together.
Sunday, we set off for the woodland trail as planned, and he brought along a pair of binoculars. That eased my mind; perhaps he wasn't afraid of being seen with me, perhaps he genuinely wanted to try something different. We got about ten minutes into the woods and stopped short: there was a racoon sitting off to the side of the trail about 15 feet from us when we spotted it. It looked as if it were in a daze; it was swaying in place a bit and it's head was kind of bobbing. It stared directly at us but didn't flee in fright or react in any way at all. We decided it was too risky to try to get by it (and we couldn't leave the trail because it was surrounded by water on both sides)and we knew we couldn't help it because we couldn't administer first aid to it and trying to transport it would have put us in danger, so we turned 'round and left. And then walked several hours back and forth through town like we normally do. Our conversation flowed smoothly and all of my fears of him being afraid of being seen with me in light of his friend's recent "Girl/Friend" comment were laid to rest.

We didn't hug goodbye Saturday night because he dropped me off at my place in his car, but we did on Sunday (yaaay!) It was quick, but it happened.

Last Saturday night we walked about an hour and a half and he dropped me off with his car again, so there was no hug. He was wearing a t-shirt I had never seen him wear before. It had a one-drawer table with a lamp on top of it with the word "ONE" above it. I thought it was some sort of play on words, but couldn't figure it out. Finally about an hour into our walk he asked me if I knew what his shirt meant. I guessed and guessed, but didn't guess right.

"It's a nightstand. With "one" above it."
"...One night stand."
"It's ok, I didn't know what it meant when I bought it, either. I just thought it was random and looked cool. Now that I know what it means, I only wear this shirt on weekends."

And then my face flushed red. Really red. That's not even that embarrassing, but for some reason, it made me kind of uncomfortable. I hope he wore it because he feels completely comfortable around me. It's not like he said, "We should do this!" and pointed to his chest. Ack.
He made a slip the next day and accidentally admitted to reading "Playboy" magazine. We were discussing something and he said,
"Yeah, I once read an article in 'Playboy' abou-- err 'Rolling Stone!' I read it in 'Rolling Stone.' I used to be subscribed to 'Rolling Stone' for years. Several years, and then I just stopped. Uh, anyway, I read that..." There's nothing wrong with that; the literature in that publication has garnered recognition as high caliber writing for quite some time, but he was obviously flustered, and we were both pretty red in the face after that.