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I like baking and baking for him always makes me feel extra determined to do well with it. On the night before Christmas Eve last year, about a month after we started meeting each other outside of work in our free time, we had a conversation over dinner about the emotional value of food and he told me about how his mother didn't want to stop making dinner for his family every night even when she was quite old and ill, concluding that making food for another person is a strong gesture of affection and care. At the end he maintained eye contact with me and declared, "Food is Love!" rather loudly as we sat in the middle of a crowded restaurant. We both had parcels with us; our Christmas gifts for one another, and mine just happened to have all sorts of home made cookies in it for him. I had already baked a few things for him before (I baked him a loaf of pumpkin bread and gave it to him the second time we met outside of work, and I made him chicken noodle soup from scratch when he got sick after walking with me through icy rain for two hours), and it made me wonder if he was certain I had made him something and that's why he said that. I felt really good (and turned really freaking red) when he said that, knowing that I had a load of food to give him afterward. That memory still makes me feel happy inside.

He's greatly interested in cryptids and all things Fortean, so for his birthday, I baked him a cake and made little marzipan dolls of several cryptids and decorated it for him. All in all the cake took several hours every night for two weeks to finish, (it was my first try at working with marzipan and the cake itself was hard to pull off because it was layered and colored), but it was so worth the look on his face when he saw it. Here's a picture for reference:
(The marzipan figures are the Mothman, Big Foot, Nessie, the Flatwoods Monster, and a space craft with a happy little green man inside. Nessie turned out especially cool)

I hope the food I have made for him with my hands and effort will make him think of me when we're apart.

As always, I greatly appreciate the interest and encouragement so many of you have expressed in this matter. Just having somewhere to spill all of this is a relief, and to know that other people care, and that other people seem to sense that my efforts toward him are sincere and heartfelt, is a real comfort. Thank you again. I will try in the future to condense these ramblings some so no one has to suffer through three entire posts just to get a tiny bit of an update and I'll try to update soon after something significant occurs so I can include all of the details needed to make it better worth Anon's time to read.
Thanks, Anon.