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What's in a hug? (81)

67 Name: Martyr-kun : 2008-10-03 06:12 ID:juXreXtD

What an incredibly well written and sweet tale! OP is sweet as candy. Considering your rituals and the baking he will now know for certain that you are interested in him, and as a guy it is very odd for him to behave the way he does and not like you. It seems to me like both of you are waiting for the other to initiate something extra. Your friend seems like the kind of person who is hesitant to initiate and is probably fretting over your interpretation of his actions the way you are too. I wouldn't be surprised if he walks away disappointed that you don't reciprocate when he drops you off, just like you tell your self to hug him.
I would suspect that he will interpret the cookies and cake as a strong gesture of affection, I certainly would especially considering all the information that you have shared with us. The time for you to move in for the hug is soon, while suspense is good, I get the feeling that you've both had a healthy about of that. You don't necessarily have to confess your affections in the short term, but initiating such physical gestures like he shows you at the end of the night would be a healthy reply, as if to say "Yes I notice you and I appreciate it and am interested".
Keep doing sweet things for him and try to hug him back a just a little bit, then he'll probably get the hint and ask you out.
BUT, be prepared to confess and ask him out if necessary, he simply might not be the kind of person who will do that, but would absolutely LOVE to have you hug and confess your feelings.

tl;dr: Make a small move in the short term, prepare yourself for an eventual confession on your part as he might be waiting on you to do so.

Good luck OP! You deserve the best!