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What's in a hug? (81)

70 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-10-18 13:16 ID:pW8rZUeW

I seriously don't get it... Sure you're cute in your insecurity and mindfulness about all these little things but, honestly? This is starting to look retarded.

You two still sit cushions apart? And simply hugging is still this big of a deal. For fucks sake woman, I almost wrote for you to grow a pair of balls but don't do that, just show some initiative.

There is perhaps the odd chance that he's not the least interested in you in a romantical way and maybe he just want to be friends with you and all that shit but. Guys are seriously dense about these things sometimes. I'd know from being one myself. I've had it happen, not one or two but THREE times, being friends with some girl who developed a crush for me. That being something I only found out later once we had fallen out of contact, at which point I had gotten around to thinking; "she was so sweet, I wish something could have happened between us". And then, looking back, I start remembering all these little signs that would so easily give away someones feelings, but while we were actually seeing eachother, I could not pick them up to save my life, or even play with the idea that something romantical could potentially develop from our friendship.

I swear, 3 times this has happened, and I can only guess to why I respond that way, by seemingly becoming entirely asexual and treating these girls as if they were my sister or something. Perhaps it's some kind of subconscious block or I don't know. But I doubt it's not entirely uncommon.

All I'm saying is, take some chances while you still have them, you are going nowhere at this rate. Life is too short to be a coward, and you never get anything for it. And that's what this shit is, cowardice. It might look all sweet and stuff but it's really about fear and nothing else, and it will deprive you unless you overcome it.