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Will they last? (13)

1 Name: ASDF : 2008-08-22 06:19 ID:OxRDkEUr

Hi there

ehmmm... I'm a 18 year old girl and I met this boy (let's call him "J") around 4 months ago, I liked how he looked and his personality, but now he has a girlfriend (he's 23 years old and she's 14 years old) but she's a bitch, she's way too young for him and he hates the music she listen to (he's musician) I think he's with her because she's japanese...

yesterday we were on a chat (me, J, that bitch and a few others) I though they were about to break because she had a pop/punk/emo singer on her MSN avatar, he was totally mad because of that, and then she started insulting J's favourite vocalist, they discussed a little more and then they both were quiet... I asked him if he was upset, and he was...

do you think they will last?

sorry for my english, it's not my mother language