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Women advice for a Gentleman with no spine (22)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-08-30 03:59 ID:blYRF+52

I am 19 years old and never had a girlfriend before. I was raised with old fashioned manners, so I have the whole chivalrous, gallant, gentleman thing going that people tend to love to use and then toss aside when done with them. I have blindly followed some girls for the sole reason that they paid attention to me, but realized that was a bad move on my part and stopped letting myself be used about 2 years ago.

The current situation though is that a girl actually seems like she is genuinely interested in me. She is pretty, twirls her hair alot, and makes a lot of references to the Chipotle burrito bar restaurant. She also continuosly mentions that she broke up with her boyfriend while talking to me. I am really confused with the situation because well no one has ever seemed to show interest in me unless they want some manual labor or help on school work.

Any advice overall or what not? I am just at odds right now.