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Women advice for a Gentleman with no spine (22)

4 Name: Akina : 2008-08-30 04:53 ID:LJ/mV/nX

She might just be seeking a friend or somebody to listen to her. I too was raised like you. I have met a girl whom I had feelings for and told me about her boyfriend(s) breaking up etc. She might be opening up to you because she trusts you. You might be 'that guy' that no male wants to be when concerning the one they like.

She might be telling you that she broke up so you know she is single. The chipotle might be because she wants you to take her there and she is making it easier for you to decide where to take her on a date.

If the former one is correct, you might not want to ask her out if you want to keep the status quo. If it is and you don't ask her she will open up to you and tell you all her secrets. She will eventually love you like a brother.

If the ladder is true then go for it!

Either way you should take her to chipotle!