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Women advice for a Gentleman with no spine (22)

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-08-31 01:42 ID:DlA4MZAU

I'm not >>5, but the beeeeeest answer I can give you is one tested and validated by myself. Don't be nice all the time, freely - this makes you a "servant" kind of guy: you're there for her, period. If she feels like tossing you a cheetos because you've been a nice puppy she might do it but don't expect much more.

Be nice but negociate your niceness. Here is the key: be nice but only if you get something... and not in return, but something first. That way, you become the prize and she has to fight for your kindness. Now, you're the cool-guy-that's-not-in-her-pocket. Also, give her attention but only if she deserved it. Girls crave affection. Never showing any = not good; always showing attention = "feel-good-guy" (not a dateable material); showing attention (and in a very good, intimate way if possible) once in a while then kinda "blanking" out (but not too much) = "OMG I WANT HIM TO NOTICE ME MOAR!!1!1"

This doesn't have to be obvious and should be done with little meaningless things at first, in a very subtle way. Then make things escalate from there. Reverse the balance of power. You can be the most awesome kind nice gentleman she ever met... but only if she proves she deserves it. Which more often than not leads to attraction.

tl;dr: "Follow me, I'll flee you; Flee me, I'll follow you".