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Girl staring O_O @ me, then embarassed?! (27)

20 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-09-15 03:10 ID:VgZ2mEYx

On Friday she was chatting with friends or really just standing around at the corridor, I went up to them, well started going their direction and they left her there alone when they saw me.

I said "Hi i noticed you always looking at me but then always turning away and I'd like to take a better look at you so please don't go away" (she made half a step back as I said this). Then I grabbed her hand and looked at her and said "because I think you are very cute"

And then her girlfriends came back from behind a door giggling cause they were listening and one of them patted her and said "Looks like he's into you" and she got very redfaced and turned her head down and started walking away hastily.

Um what to do today (Monday?)