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Perfect (21)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-09-21 18:15 ID:/ow3P8PI

I recently came to university, I'm taking a rather geeky course, but its also fun. I've been here for a week now. On the lesson, we were divided into groups. There was a girl in my group. We all got on really well.

Because none of us knew each other, we hung around for a bit afterwards. I found out a lot about her, and. She is basically me. But a female version. Theres even a major chance she'll use this site but I'm not 100%. She's is quite closed about what she does, I haven't ahd the chance to ask.

I found out a secret about her, its embarrasing for her to say the least, and I kept slying teasing her about it, but nobody else knows. It was fun, she'd push me and things when I staretd going around that area, so I'd just keep probing deeper.

Now it comes to the point where I've read what I've just written, and I think. "Why do they care?". But this girl, I swear. She is perfect. I've had one girlfriend in the past, but she was barely a proper one. Ah.

Should I just tell her on the first week in? Or is this really too soon.