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Perfect (21)

11 Name: !Munww6W.mQ : 2008-09-22 15:41 ID:CFBpvGPK

Sorry, no.

Came back from the lesson just now. I didn't get a chance to sit next to her, she came in a little late and I was sitting next to some people from the group last week.

Ah. She wore a baggy top too. Sigh. I'm such a perv, I kept taking sneaky little glances. I talked to her a little, but this was our first week of doing proper work, so I spent a lot of my lesson time focused on the task we were given.

She started talking to some people in my group, of which I was insanely jealous. I didn't have anything to add to the conversation, so I just kept drawing. I listened though.

We also walked around town with some other people, I talked to her a bit then. Ah. I like being with her. I'm so glad I was in her group for the first week, it gave me an excuse to ask her for her number. :3

I'm going to ask if she wants to walk around town tomorrow. We're both new to the area anyway :3