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Perfect (21)

19 Name: !Munww6W.mQ : 2008-09-25 23:49 ID:mYs6+fvl


Well. Our lecture ended, I had to sign the regitser. She waited for me, and we went and had coffee. We're both new to the town, so I suggested that we got lost, which we did for a few hours. We came to a crossroads, back to university or through a shopping centre. She chose to amble around the shopping centre, so I agreed, obviously.

We walked talked all the way, and walked back to the university. When we came to her halls, We hung around outside, I wasn't sure what to do, I wanted to goodbye hug her but I didn't.

She kinda invited me to the library later that day, we both needed to go anyway. Spent 2 hours messing around and talking.



In a way I hope she reads this. She's quite a tease over texts too. Hmm.