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Why is this so hard? (9)

1 Name: head over heels : 2008-09-21 22:26 ID:2kTQeGc7

Here's the story:

I walk into one of my university class during the first week and see this extremely cute guy, I couldn't help but think he looked really really familiar, then I realized who he was.

He used to live on the same floor as me when we were both in residence during our first year but he was kind of the shy type that didn't really talk much to any of us on the floor. I managed to start talking to him a little when we saw each other in one of our classes, we walked back to our residence and talked a bit, it was nice but that was the last time i had a real conversation with him. Ever since then I would walk slowly after class and back to residence hoping to bump into him again, but it didn't happen. Occasionally we would see each other in the hallway but we would just stick to a hi-bye basis. At the end of the year as I was moving out, I was able to see him one last time, something like that actually made me so happy!

Now seeing him again I realized that I still like him and I'm trying really hard to just start talking to him and just being friends but its so difficult. He's got a group he hangs out with in that class and that makes it harder to approach him. I usually end up sitting a little bit behind him, so during the whole class I'm constantly staring at him rather than paying attention to my professor. Just last week, there was an incident where I was early so I put my bag on an empty chair and left the room and when I came back I saw him and his friends sitting by my bag, he ended up sitting right in front of me! As I was walking towards my seat, I remember my hands were shaking so badly, I was so scared.