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12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-10-23 13:41 ID:wFmzNvvl

Actually, you seem to be doing better than I thought initially,... since you display some interest for other guys than your oneitis.

Actually I don't think you should mind so much your blushing. I don't think blushing is ugly, on the contrary. But of course, since blushing comes from personal embarrassment, it's never comfortable.

The fact that you don't dare to talk to people because they are too pretty shows that you fear rejection from the people who matter to you. This means: it's your internal problem, nothing related to your dear oneitis.

Personally, I always liked outgoing women. Why don't you just start talking with them? Don't make much out of it, simply establish a first contact, speak about the gym or whatever petty matter, and go on from there. You just want license to talk to them, so that should be easy to get from them.