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13 Name: oneitis : 2008-10-23 14:00 ID:WjLNTzb3

I've smiled and looked away. And.. let me explain u a little..
I'm pretty much a regular in this gym, and as usually there's more regulars than just me. So those regulars who I've used to see in the gym for past several months, I've started to like. I mean they are all cool and awesome and pretty, and I like their bodies, specially butts, necks etc.

There's 2 guys who work out together all the time. And sometimes when i do some exercise they happen to be near me and I've been all pollite and asked "Do you use that?!" even though i know they don't, but its a good thing to ask beforehand. And last time they were messing with the dumbells and me with my calves, pretty much very close to each other, they started picking on each other and like "fake-fight" if you know what i mean. Usually they don't touch each other like this, but it looked like they just did it to get some attention. But as im shy like this, i tried to look all confident and just smiled and looked AWAY and did my stuff. (yes I didn't blush, phew)

The other time, i was running on treadmill and they came to walk on the right by me. And i could stare them from the mirror and all. Seems to me that the bigger guy has been looking at me as well, but I'm not 100% sure. So anyways i just blushed, and looked away as they came there, cuz i don't know what happend and why, it just happend. But then I thought by myself "I'm running, i can be red from the face and MAYBE they wont think its me being embarrassed about idk what.

Yesterday I went to see a concert and while i was all dressed up and my hair was done nice and i would say i looked PRETTY WELL/hot and the guys walked towards me on the street in the Old Town. I smiled again and looked away.

I hope next time i see them in the gym i will tell them "HI.. #blush blush#"