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17 Name: oneitis : 2008-10-23 15:09 ID:WjLNTzb3

you are so cute, thank you! :)
I hope that tomorrow when I'm going to the gym, i can start with simple "Hi, how is it going?!" and see what will happen. I think it's better to go rather slowly than hurry into it.

Not long time ago there was one d00d who basically shoot in with random questions when i was doing my cardio and i gave him my phone number so he would just get the fuck away from me. He looked old, ugly, too tall, balding, floppy face. He sounded on the phone like a real molester, all super confident and stuff. Phew, but i got rid of him, and i always lul secretly when i see him in the gym. I even skipped gym once cuz i was too afraid of seeing him there.. but these guys who I like, I would really like to know them better, because they seem to be cool and cozy :)