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19 Name: oneitis : 2008-10-24 06:45 ID:WjLNTzb3

Little update before going to the gym today..

Right now I'm feeling myself little more confident as usually. I'm not ready to go yet, but i basically have everything planned out. I figured as well that I'd prefer to be/stay friends with my current oneitis, i think the key is behind friendship. Seems to me that I don't want to sex him madly as much I just want to care about him and be in good relationships with him. But oh well, he probably is thinking differently. In fact, i think he simply hates me, but its ok, as I'm trying to throw him out from my head, even though i know it's impossible and i will always remember him as a kind and very awesome person. I will always love him in my memories. Other than that.. oh god, i want to be his FRIEND SO BADLY!!!!

I figured I'm more confident while wearing make up, so my blushing wouldnt be shown as much as usually. I'm not planning looking all white from face and make my cheeks ultra red with blush, but I will be using little makeup, as natural as possible and as thick as needed to hide the blushing!

Ok today, I'm planning going to the gym at the same time when the guys usually train, around 12.00 so when i see them, i will probably be near them at any point or we will hopefully pass each other, so i could simply ask.. "Hello, How is it going?" and then see what will happen next. maybe i will be able to get over my first shock and act all cool around those sexy butts and talk little further, as so, u got plans for Friday night?! (but they seem like hard trainers, so I'm not really sure how they party or anything.. ). Maybe the talk will go to training and i could be all like.. ".. yeah.. " oh well, we'll see!!

OK this is about it for right now, i will update later when i get back to then report how it went and how much i failed and was it all worth the effort or not.

I will try to smile more, i promise!