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20 Name: oneitis : 2008-10-24 14:50 ID:WjLNTzb3

Hello guise..
I failed :(

I was working out little too hard and started feeling dizzy + got them stars all around my head and i sort of freaked out a little. So instead of talking to the boys, i just simply stared them with blank eyes, and stared their butts and tried to avoid the eye contact and .. it was such a fail and i feel so sorry :(

I was thinking i should talk to them tomorrow when i see them in the gym and be like.. "guise, i tried to call you out yesterday, but .. im too shy.. so .. i didnt.. what yer doing next friday? wanna go out?"

The cute thing is that when i was doing my cardio, and the bigger guy (such a cutie) was looking at me a little from the mirror. But me, such a shyness, turned away my head and was scared of looking back, even though i noticed he looked at me and he prolly noticed i looked at him as well.

Later when i was doing my lower back and started feeling ultra busy and out of space for some reason, they were doing their arms and i just stared blank to their butts and bodies. And then they, big guys, giggled sort of. For a while it looked like they noticed i simply eyed them and laughed at me. I will see if i will be doing any better tomorrow, right now I feel myself like shit, because i didn't dare to open my mouth and speak.. its not that its so hard to say "hello, how's training going?!"
Just dots for tonight, this is it..