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22 Name: oneitis : 2008-10-25 09:27 ID:u3aQXey/

>>21 you are absolutely right! Its little more complicated though. As it doesn't feel right to just go there and talk to them. Today I feel less confident than usually and im planning going to the gym again today later, hopefully i will see them again and actually talk to them :( makes me sad to realize what a chicken i have become.

What im mainly afraid of, is that they just laugh at my back/at me and not think the way i would like to. But i will try to PUT MORE MAKEUP ON AND GO FOR IT TODAY!

I like it though how this guy looks/peeks at me a little. But, like to stare back, im too afraid and i will automatically look away and be ultra shy/blank..

If i will see them there today, I W I L L talk to them,even though i will look goofy/creepy/strange/weird/lol-worthy