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35 Name: oneitis : 2008-11-22 08:02 ID:u3aQXey/

It has been long time since I last time updated.
Well lets be honest, I sort of lost interest in the big guys and now i just don't want to call them out anymore. Maybe i will start talking to them next week as to ask some advice about squatting, etc. I don't want them to look at my body and get any kinky ideas, so im not really sure if this is a wise idea. But as I have nothing to lose, i could just as well have some fun. Oh well, we'll see about that.

I met one cute Japanese man in there though.
I mean we have seen each other on every Thursday morning so far, because for some reason we attend to train at the same time.

So this Thursday we shacked hands and introduced each other, then did some workouts for the abs. And he said he's from Japan and I told him to try the dragon flags for the abs as its the stuff Bruce Lee did. And he said "you know that Bruce Lee ain't from Japan, right?" I was like.. "right.. but you should still try them, they are good.."

But as I am a quite weak girl, i obviously cant do them, so i was trying to show him how to do them, but simply failed a little. Idk why, but he tried to do them anyways, its was cool.

He's very friendly and its easy to talk to him. After a little chit-chatting he asked when am i usually going in for training and such. Well i will try to hit the gym more when he's in as well. So we could maybe get to know each other a little more and it would be fun to have some fun even outside.

Thanks guise for the support, I appreciate it and I'm happy about how the things have turned out right now!