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45 Name: oneitis : 2009-01-25 13:51 ID:u3aQXey/

Over the time things have changed. Me and jap is no go anymore. Im happy it went like this. I dont have any desires or needs or anything about him. So i guess, i just liked his looks, that's all.

The real reason why im pumpin' this thread, is cuz i FINALLY said HELLO to the big guise!!

So today was a very good day :) im proud of myself sort of..

I was walking to work from the gym when the big guise came towards me (they were going to the gym when i was leaving, right) and as soon as i saw them i think i blushed and my heart rate fastened up and well, i got all excited over so simple thing. Anyways I was thinking to myself "Now or never!! You can do it! OMg, it cant be that hard to say HELLO, can it now?!"
so when the distance bwteen was proper, i said "HELLO" and got smile and responde back. But i looked down and became shy and smiled a bit and didnt look back. Well i know tomorrow will happen so that i will meet them in the gym again. SO i guess as i stepped over my shadow once again i will be strong enough to talk to them!
I dont think saying hello will be a problem anymore, because i sense that not saying hi would make me look rude and i want to be cuddly smiling, girl right? I mean i know i want to, so i decided its time to stop starying creepily and just become cuter!
Thanks for your support people, i love you all!