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What Do Men Really Want? (32)

1 Name: OPfem : 2008-10-26 11:51 ID:26r6qBwp

I always tried to be a good girlfriend because it makes me happy to see I made someone I love happy but it just seems to blow up in my face every time. I love to cook and clean for guys that I date and I have a naturally high sex drive (usually I like more extreme sex then most of the guys I date but I try not to complain that I want more). And I always date the 'nice guy' (I don't know why but nice guys always seem to be my type I like). But the last guy I was dating said 'You're ok but I don't think this will work out'. I keep getting "You're ok but this won't work out." and I'm tired of it. The only people that seem to want to date me is older men or wanna-be rappers, who want me to be in their music video.
I'm tired of getting dumped and blind sighted by guys I'm dating, who want to dump me, and getting the same line over and over. So what do men want? When I first start dating them I get 'You're the best girlfriend' and then I get 'I don't think this will work out'. What am I doing wrong? Or is it the guys I'm dating? I see all the time my friends who treat their boyfriends like shit, stay in relationships longer then me. What do I have to do, start being a bitch? I'm just so frustrated and don't know who to ask. I know life is unfair but damn it, why do I always get fucked in the bad way? All I want is a nice guy who is chubby, smart, funny, can fix a computer and has a higher sex drive then me.
If this doesn't make any sense or has spelling errors it's probably because I'm so mad I can't even see straight.