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What Do Men Really Want? (32)

13 Name: -[lt]- : 2008-11-15 05:53 ID:Xn4a6cJQ

IMO, what men really want from woman is...

  1. Somebody that can look after them. Not too nice to the point that it's patronizing, and not too overly critical about every little detail.
  2. Hobbies. A diverse girl is definitely more fun. More fun to talk with, to hang around with, and so on
  3. Intelligence. To an extent, intelligence does define your character.
  4. Not to be overly obsessive on something (anything to sex, in your convo topics to who your BF talks to etc.). Probably one of the most important things you will need to do. Generally, this applies to almost all relationships
  5. A person they can trust, depend on, and wants to believe she is the right one for a lifetime and beyond.