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What Do Men Really Want? (32)

15 Name: Scotland : 2008-11-15 16:46 ID:ILlirZzW

ok im a guy speakin
OPfem, you sound lik a great girlfriend to hav, but judging from what i hear, your too clingy...and abit of a mother figure on them...u cook and clean, a guy and i dont reali want a girl do stuff for me thats gonna make me look weak wit the guys, or an asshole who wants everything done by their gf's.
being too submissive to ur bf will mak ur bf get bored of u cos u mak them except everything on a silver plate, handed to them.
having a higher sex drive isn't the problem as in the end u are gonna lose it in the late 20's and the guys will alway maintain their sex drive...i dont know the kind of nice guys u look for but im neither a dickhead jock or a computer obsessed guy, and if i had a possiblity of having sex almost everyday, i wouldnt leave for anyone else as long as i know her and not some sleeper.
you seem to not give your bf enough independance or space for himself.
its not that your boyfriends were jerks, they probably felt depressed about themselves that u were spoon-feeding their needs, and no challenge was involved...and being dominated over by, in your relationship...
their will alway be problems if you make your bf feel weak or being condencended on.
well, this is just one of many views with your situation. u could get a better feed-back with your ex, if u are still in contact, as friends.