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What Do Men Really Want? (32)

23 Name: Scotland : 2008-11-18 23:38 ID:2uIEFvY3

lol just imagine on ur bf's face if he finds out..hes defo ending it with u, lol
i hear this solution all the time, my friend, she manage to keep it together for like half a year.
i actaully felt sorry for the poor guy, well it turns out that bloke knew evenatully so he decided to get revenge and secretly find someone else and was seeing someone behind her back, then my mate found out about him cheating on her (not that it was his fault to begin with) so she decided to break up and she was in tears, she did it on the phone while she was happen to be with our group of friends, (the fuck buddy, is not in our group, dont know him.)
well, the thing is, dont relief your sex problem with someone else, but rather talking about the issue to your partner.
a guy will tend to do stuff out of revenege, and will go out on presumption, not evidence (jumping into conclusions) and will act like a dick if he feels his gf has done something against him.
so just talk, you need serious talks at times for understandings, relationship is about negiotating and agreement which sucks, because you cant alway have it your way.