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What Do Men Really Want? (32)

28 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-20 18:14 ID:adV5sA4a

What I really want...
I don;t have anyone in particular to relate to, and I don't associate with my (idiotic) family any longer. I need a lover and a friend (and even more importantly someone to stimulate my mind, a partner of a similar intellectual level). There's no reason why the two shouldn't go together. I need someone to spend all my time with. However I don't want a surrogate mother.
I never want to get married or have children, I want love for the sake of love, not reproduction, etc., financial stability. I'm happy passing up relationships with gold diggers and bitches (but fuck them on the way out if I can), as I know I'll be deeply happy when I find the right one.