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What’s wrong with me? (77)

11 Name: E : 2008-11-02 22:12 ID:YN0uzcDd

Always just be yourself and get yourself out there. It will work itself out.

Again, BE YOURSELF. Stand for what you think and who you are, and don't conjure up lies about yourself just because you think that's what the girls want to hear. See it like this: If you are true to yourself, the girl you end up with will be a girl who truly loves you for who you are. She will be in love with YOU, not things you made up. No matter who you are, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, there will always be people more than happy to love you for it.

And being an Otaku isn't bad by definition. Maybe what you're looking for is an Otaku girl? There are plenty and the love of your life might be one of them. In that case, try the webs? It works.

Also, just relax. It WILL work itself out. Just get yourself out there. Alone or with friends, you're not a loser just because you're out alone. Go to a pub and stick around for a bit, just to show you exist. A girl is just as likely to make the first move as you are. Don't panic, it'll be okay.

So, what do you do with this advice? You go out. If you feel low on confidence, drag a friend along. You'll notice girls look at you, and maybe that will be a boost.

Report back! ^^

Best wishes, as always