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What’s wrong with me? (77)

25 Name: Kung fu Man : 2008-11-13 06:15 ID:glSxY6I+

To be honest, we're in the same boat... I'm a 19 years old and the number of years I've been girlfriendless. All my other attempts have been pretty much failures landing me in the friend zone... I totally get where you're coming from in everything. The anxiousness... the fear... all of that. I've watched shows like Vh1's pick up artist, which makes me feel like that stuff would work.

Although there is one thing you can do... You could meet lots of people! Me and you man... we got to break out of our shell and start talking to people. Even if we sound stupid or something we need to do something. The longer we wait, the more hopeless it seems. Instead of staying home and watching anime, which we both clearly love to do, go out! It s something I'm trying to do myself... As for you, do your best and never give up!