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What’s wrong with me? (77)

28 Name: SiMO : 2008-11-14 02:12 ID:tHlLJnRd

so today, i had an encounter. As i was leaving a restaurant i saw this one female worker who seen me before. I saw her, looked her in the eye and she did too, so i said 'hi' to her, and she responded, and took it further, "how are you?"

She knew who i was becuase i would talk to her in a playful way with her and tell her she's not doing a good job, etc. While she's preparing my food.

what i should have done was take it a step further, and not just leave like i was in a hurry.
"hey let me ask you something...blah blah blah" but it seems like my first reaction was to leave, and not stop and have a conversation.

still have a lot to learn.