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Kung fu Man's rant (14)

1 Name: Kung fu Man : 2008-11-13 06:39 ID:ZZxJtW8i

I really don't know why I'm starting this thread, but one thing is for sure... I need help!

I'm a 19 years old going on 20 next month and seeing that my teenage years are ending I also see how long I've been without a girlfriend... Generally I'm your average nice guy, you know the friend you rely on to pick you up when you're stuck in the street even if they're asleep. The friend who'd lend you their last few dollars for food because you haven't eaten all day... Yet my experience with girls and my female friends often make me think that they're always out to get with the bad boy. I know that can't be true, but it always makes me wonder.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-13 19:16 ID:g01QFDM+

Simple: you lack experience and social skills. Like anything (for instance martial arts), practice makes perfect. So just invest some of your time building up a social circle. Use your centers of interest as guides to meet new people. Not to go out immediately with some girl, but to really have a social network that will help you get better at socializing, and will also provide you with opportunities.

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3 Name: Kung Fun Man : 2008-11-13 21:41 ID:ZZxJtW8i

thanks for the advice, I'll post something if and when something amazing happens

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-15 17:20 ID:/sY13DDu

Step 1: Stop trying.
Step 2: Start having fun.
Step 3: Profit.

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-15 19:15 ID:Heaven

Step 1: Stop trying. [Check]
Step 2: Start having fun. [Check]
Step 3: Profit. [check see step2]

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6 Name: Kung Fu Man : 2008-11-15 20:53 ID:ZZxJtW8i

Step 1: Stop trying.
Step 2: Start having fun.
Step 3: Profit.

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7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-16 02:15 ID:QOyAQVAa


  1. Stop trying. (like, stop trying to have fun (or getting a girlfriend, it comes naturally - I mean, having fun)
  2. Start having fun. (don't force it, just have fun)
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8 Name: Kung Fu Man : 2008-11-16 03:56 ID:ZZxJtW8i

Step 1: Stop trying. (I did, I hung out with friends boy and girl without even thinking about getting together with a girl. Didn't do anything to imply it either. I was having fun, but it never came)

Step 2: Start having fun. (Like it said above, having fun, socializing, and learning new things. It wasn't force, but still nothing)

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9 Name: zzzzzzzzoooom : 2008-11-17 03:09 ID:z68KSayL

>>8 well since you are an average player and you need to get those extras in the game, Cheat a little by getting a guide(self help books) and try to change your environment, go clubbing, maybe online date sites, go to anime conventions, whatever.

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10 Name: Kung Fu Man : 2008-11-17 03:30 ID:ZZxJtW8i

Thanks for the advice, I'll try to get out there more

11 Name: WestCoast : 2008-11-17 07:16 ID:T7akr9PY

I can honestly say that I was in the very same situation no more than half a year ago. Not that I'm tooting my own horn, but I'd like to call myself a nice guy, too. Same deal: 20-year old otaku (however not in-the-closet) who would rather play video games or throw a couple kicks or practice poomse than try my luck with ladyfolk.

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12 Name: Kung Fu Man : 2008-11-17 14:27 ID:ZZxJtW8i

Will do, I'll try to start off with friends then work my way up to random strangers haha. You guys are awesome

13 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-17 16:11 ID:m0fUqMw7

Actually, it's easier with totally random strangers you're unlikely to ever see again.

Go someplace you're not used to (ie another city near where you live, and just go to someplace you're highly likely to meet people. A good example is: go to the mall and find someone who seems to take his/her time (don't approach mall-drones who know exactly what they're doing or people in a hurry, talking to you is probably the LAST thing they want to do). Pick up something near them, and just start the conversation - examples? "have you ever tried these? how does it taste? so you like that? etc." or "oh man, those prices keep rising... etc" amongst so many others.

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14 Name: Kung Fu Man : 2008-11-17 19:32 ID:ZZxJtW8i

Wow, great advice guys. I'll definetely go out and try this during the weekend or the next and I'll post up the results. Fail or success at least I'm trying my best right!? LETS DO THIS!