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Something came up! I need help! (;•_•) (29)

1 Name: Otakun : 2008-11-14 22:37 ID:lCEuJsVD

I just started posting here and everyone seems to be great with the advice, so now I'm asking for help! Heres the thing, theres this girl I used to like in high school who so happened to be a good friend. She eventually started going out with another of my friends during high school up till now in college, but it seems like they've been having a rocky relationship lately.

She messaged me on my socialnetwork saying:
"I miss you!"
I replied:
"You miss me!? why don't we hang out then, call me so we can catch a movie or grabe a bite sometime!"

So then she suggested a movie. I was about to message her back, but I decided to call her instead? Was that a good move? Anyways, I think deep down I think I still have feelings for her. So she called me back while I was making ramen, but I missed that call. And then I called her back, but then she didn't pick up. I just got off the phone with her and now we're catching that movie next week friday... What do I do!?

If I we end up getting closer would it be okay if she broke up with my friend and started going out with me? Would that be wrong? He kinda asked her out while I was still crushing on her too. Help please! (-A-)