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Something came up! I need help! (;•_•) (29)

23 Name: Who Knows : 2008-11-17 01:40 ID:ui+MkpvM

OK, so I know how you feel, I'm pretty much the "nice guy" and all for several years, so I totally know where you're getting at, but seriously trying to take a girl that is taken is wrong. Think of it like this, would you like someone taking her from you when she is with you? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want that to happen. Another thing, just because she asked you to go to the movies, it really doesn't mean anything. People invite people all the time to movies and other places to hang out, but that doesn't mean anything other then "Yay, we are hanging out together." Even if it is just you two, it doesn't mean anything other then you guys are going on a date as friends. Couples fight all the time, it happens, relationships is something where both partners have to cope with. Give them time and see what happens. If she DOES break-up with him, it doesn't necessarily mean that she stopped loving him, actually time apart from an argument could cause them to realize how much they actually need each other and yeah....
Long story short, you don't need to listen to anyone. We're only here to give some unwanted/wanted advice. do what you want to do.