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Something came up! I need help! (;•_•) (29)

4 Name: -[lt]- : 2008-11-15 06:12 ID:0y/B7Dv0

Grab a quick snake before the movie, before you head off. This is good for calming the nerves.
Just relax. Don't worry so much, and let it flow.

You should talk about hobbies. This is one of the most safest topics, IMO, to talk. There's so much conversation you can get from it, and shows to her that you are not one-dimensional. Who knows? You might even find she's an avid hobbyist, that you also enjoy doing. This allows you to further open opportunities to date her. eg. If she likes ice skating, and you like it too, ask her to go ice skating one day or if she studies, ask her to go study with her in the library.

Sense of humour is very important here. Even if she tries to make a joke and it's not that funny, laugh for her sake. You should also try to make her laugh. Making people laugh is one of the most important tools you can use to establish relationships.

After the day has finished, you need to ask for her phone number, if you don't have it. This is very important. Asking for the phone number allows you to keep in touch her, and shows that you're interested in her.

I hope these tips help you.
Good luck, mate.