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Getting Over the One that Wasn't (6)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-17 04:20 ID:h0t2hW6Q

This past summer was my first summer after graduating from college. I've been bumming out at my folks place as I wait on a gov't job. During the summer I met up with and started dating a girl I went out with in high school for about 2 weeks. Over the summer we ended up dating for about 5 weeks. This was a girl I'd always wanted another chance with, and I got it. I'm 23 and this was the most serious relationship I'd been in to this point. I didn't date at all in college. It was a lot of firsts, first kiss, first make out, first sex, etc. At the end of summer she moved about 3 hours away for school and the next week I spent the weekend at her place, this was the first time we slept together. A week later she broke up with me, telling me she didn't feel the way about her that I did. Truthfully I had been thinking more longterm at that point, I really thought she was the one, we just got along so well and understood each other, or so I thought. She said she wasn't torn up when I left and I got the feeling she wasn't falling in love with me and she wasn't going to. Unfortunately I think I already had. We tried the friends thing but eventually she didn't have time for me, got tired of me, and we had a fight and now don't talk.

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2 Name: XCDXER0 : 2008-11-17 04:32 ID:l3p/mEN+

hey man that's good to hear that you will be going out with a girl 30 minutes away. 30 minutes isn't bad at all!
well your issue lies in that 2 months and your gone. Hopefully the girl knows that so both of you can plan accordingly if you 2 get serious of course.

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3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-17 05:10 ID:h0t2hW6Q

Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'd definitely let anyone that I thought I would be dating know that I'm eventually going to be gone. Really I just want to have fun and be happy, probably the same as anyone else.

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4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-18 06:16 ID:h0t2hW6Q

OP here, not to completely change topics, but as this is all about moving on from my ex, anyone have advice on meeting strangers? I can understand say, a cute girl in a bookstore, ask her for reading suggestions etc... But what if its a situation like where she's an employee somewhere, like a hostess at a restaurant? I can never think of ways to approach girls in those situations that isn't stupid/creepy as hell.

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5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-11-19 02:44 ID:rAgvCg84

As long as you think it's creepy to approach attractive girls who show some interest (eye contact, etc), in whatever situation, no specific tips will help you.

6 Name: ThebeginningofthEnd : 2008-11-19 05:16 ID:Heaven

>>5 true, just accept your fate. Rape girls, go to prison and become the villain. You already have your tragic secret origin right here on 4-ch!