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11 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-01 01:24 ID:JPlP0EnP

So I just got of of my shift a the library. It was a really slow day; I think about 10 people in all came in all day. I hadn't really expected the boy to come in today, but five minutes before closing he walked in and asked me to help him do something on the library website.

Now... I've shown him how to do this before. Or, rather, (if I remember correctly) we figured out how to do this together. The cynical part of me wants to say he'd just forgotten, while the hopeful part of me wants to say that he just wanted an excuse to come into the library.

Either way, I helped him on the computer, then went back to the staff desk. I was really hoping that he'd stay just that tiniest bit late, so I had a good excuse to talk to him again. I had what I was going to say all planned out, too: "I'm afraid I have to kick you out," said with a cute smile. But he left on time, sadly.

We did smile at each other as he walked out.

Then as I was leaving the building for the evening, he walked by me... I should have caught his eye and smiled, but I sort of froze up, got scared, and walked right by. (At that point, I noticed that he had a pencil tucked behind his ear, which I thought was the cutest thing ever.)

So, I'd say that was a successful day, right? And I think he's coming in the library more than he used to. Or maybe I just hadn't noticed him before talking to him. I'm pretty much reading way too far into every action... Yay for not entirely hopeless crushes!