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Lighthearted story (52)

2 Name: Tnk : 2008-11-26 16:51 ID:cVzY0ai/

Haha, it's going nicely for both of u :)

To tell u the truth, being a guy, I don't really think its a problem when girls not being in their best appearance. In fact, seeing a girl a bit sweaty, or a lil tangled hair at times can be nice. It shows their natural beauty, not in an artificial way :))

I guess he's having some feeling toward u also ^^.

All the best 4 u :)

P/s: library is a good place in my opinion. U guys can share looks while there's no ( or pretty little ) sounds about, making these become truly nice moments, coz u can hear u heart beating much louder, hahaha :))