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29 Name: Library Girl : 2008-12-12 19:57 ID:bqPf+GK9


We'd just started living together when he quit his job and decided to join the army, leaving me in charge of finding a new room mate. Now, I really hate what the military in my country is doing, so him joining the army made me very unhappy. I told him that I wasn't going to stay with him when he left... we stayed together for a few months, with things just getting worse and worse. He wasn't making any money, and the money I got from my job wasn't nearly enough. I wasn't eating enough, as I was trying to save money for rent, I was doing horribly in school, and he kept accusing me of not supporting him or caring about him any more. We had some pretty dramatic fights, but somehow stayed together, even though we were both miserable.

Then my ex kissed another girl. Somehow we survived THAT, even though I was massively angry. But a few days later, he was talking about how he was planning to go meet her and another friend for lunch... I asked if I could come along. He said no, because "he was afraid it would hurt his future chances."

We almost broke up that night, but didn't. But that really was the end. I left him a few days later. And I feel so much better.

Oh, and his reason for needing to stay at my apartment was that he was out drinking with a girl who started puking and he took her home to take care of her. I met her earlier in the evening, and laughed at him because she's pale, skinny, dark haired, and wears a lot of black...just like me. D: