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36 Name: Library Girl : 2009-01-10 11:06 ID:ttnDXuXp

Glasses Boy has returned! Well, sort of.

I didn't have classes today, but I had to go to campus anyway to pick up some books from another branch of the library. My roommate came along too, since we were planning to go roleplay with some other friends afterwards. We were walking around campus, and I was joking about how I don't really have any friends at my school. He said, mostly jokingly, that he'd get me the number of anyone I wanted to be friends with - then started asking me if I wanted the number of boys we walked by. Pretty normal behavior for the two of us, really.

When we reached the library, we couldn't find the section that had the books I needed. I was sort of turning around in circles, looking for the section I needed, when I walked into someone. He turned around and said sorry, and I realized it was Glasses Boy. And then he was gone, much too fast for me to say anything like "Hey, don't you come in [the branch of the library I work in] a lot?" sigh

I walked in the other direction with my roommate, who immediately asked me if I wanted "that boy's" number. I started giggling and told him it was the patron I found the cutest.

Nothing more to tell, unfortunately... Ugh, now I'm kind of hoping he comes in the library again. Silly me and my petty, looks-based crush. (The fact that he seems super nice helps too...)