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48 Name: Library Girl : 2009-02-19 18:11 ID:ttnDXuXp

Who of, me or him? ;)

The next day was a Friday, which is a day I don't have classes but he does. Because of this, I went to visit the school he and several of my other friends go to. We had a really good time cuddling between classes and hanging out with the girl who introduced us. After his classes and work finished, we went ice skating with her and her church group. Neither of us are religious at all, but ice skating is fun, hehe.

I was horrible at skating - I'd never even been on the ice before. At first I just crept along the wall, not having much fun. Then I decided to use him as my "portable wall," meaning I grabbed his hand and off we went, wobbling around and looking silly. We improved steadily as the night wore on, to the point where I probably could have skated by myself. I wasn't about to let go of his hand, though.

After the skating rink closed, we went to a game at his friends' house. We both squished into an armchair together, which was fun. At the end of the evening I was so tired, though. Meeting all his friends at once was exhausting, especially because their average age was about 10 years older than me (he's significantly older than me as well), and there were successful people in their 40s there too. Tiring...

The next day I went over his apartment for another movie, but had to leave before it was over to go to another friend's birthday party. He texted me a few times during the evening before my phone decided to die on me. I didn't get the most important text of the evening till I got home. In it, he'd asked me to be his Valentine. (For the second time: he'd also asked me the day before, but I'd thought he was mostly joking.)

I got on MSN and asked him about it. We ended up talking about the past few days for quite a while. He asked me out again, and I explained all the things that made me hesitate. I finally said I'd go out with him, after making him promise that we'd keep taking things at the same slow pace we'd been.

(I told you there was dorky behavior in store for you - he asked me out over MSN! After asking me to be his Valentine over text! =D)

The next day he was busy playing D&D, but we texted for most of the day. And the day after comes our first official date, which will have to wait till later today to be posted. Look forward to it!