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Enough already! (6)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-05 05:19 ID:9qsS28v2

So i'm a geeky girl who hangs out with geeky people. I love d&d and video games. I have always tried to be nice to people, having experianced my own degree of bullying in the past.

The problem comes in because of my looks. Although i have a little tummy flab, no more then the average girl, I have a nice looking face that has gotten me several job offers to model, and I have a pair of 36DDD breasts. I don't prance around in clevage showing outfits, out side of anime cons >_<, and usually wear high neck teashirts.

Now i like my male friends I really do but i want them to stop falling for me. Almost every guy i know cant stop making passes at me, even some of the ones with boyfriends. I can try to ignore it and tell myself they are all just kidding around, but a lot of them have asked to talk to me and have confessed a desire to date me. Saddly i'm not attracted to them and then it gets a little wierd between us.

Any tips for dealing with unwanted attention?