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acting aloof (17)

16 Name: 11 : 2008-12-17 09:46 ID:UmLh9xrG

I am a nerd. I have a hot girlfriend. It is possible

I think all of you are getting dejected because you got rejected once and life is over. Dating is a numbers game. I cannot count the number of times I have been shot down, but I did not let that phase me. But soon enough you will find a girl who is interested in you.

I am curious to know what type of girls many of you are chasing. Because some girls can be extremely superficial and only look about looks and social status. Those girl will only go after the rich and/or good looking. They may seem sweet and nice but girls love to put up fronts just to get the most attention possible.

So if can talk about the girl who has rejected you (>>14) or have specific examples I can try to give better advice.

I refuse to believe that everyone is hopeless. If I could get one, why can't everyone else?